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A Champion for Our Community

First elected in December 2021, Rep. McGee has been a powerful advocate during her first term in office.

Her focus from the beginning has been on:

  • Generating economic development

  • Improving our school systems and youth programming

  • Combatting food insecurity

  • Strengthening resources for our seniors, veterans and disabled community

  • Working with businesses in our district to ensure a strong post-COVID recovery. 

Her votes reflect our values

Advocating for critical investments in our children

  • Voted for increased funding for child care programs

  • Voted for a new grant program to assist schools in upgrading their HVAC systems

  • Voted to assist local childcare facilities with renovation costs

  • Voted to approve state tax credit for childcare

  • Voted to fund the fund the expansions of school-based health centers and the services they provide

  • Voted to provide mental health training to parents, students, and pediatricians

Pushing for equity in all aspects of life

  • Voted to require towns like West Haven to establish a local fair rent commission

  • Voted to establish an office on gun violence prevention

  • Voted to increase business development funding for minority-owned businesses

  • Voted to double funding for bilingual education

  • Voted to invest in affordable housing

Fighting to grow our state's economy

  • Voted for one of the largest tax cuts in CT history

  • Voted to create additional student loan assistance and reimbursement programs

  • Voted to double funding for bilingual education

  • Voted to invest in affordable housing

  • Voted to increase work opportunities for young adults and expand the manufacturing pipeline

Serving those who served our country

  • Voted to create a new, local-option property tax exemption equal to 10% of home values for more veterans

  • Voted to guarantee that veterans living in CT would be eligible for in-state college tuition rates regardless of their state of residence

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